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FUMAÇA (Music Video, 2017)

Directed and Edited by Carla Shah

Production Luciano Romanieli

Cinematography Luíz Gomez

Following a two day trip in Rio de Janeiro the music video documents the band As Bahias e Cozinha Mineiro and their life on the road. It captures the build up to their first show at Circo Voador, a venue which has launched the career of many artists. Since then their album has been nominated for the Latin American Grammy. The first time in history for trans women to be nominated. The video weaves in a reflection on what it means to be a woman in this day and age, and the song’s nostalgia for a love long lost.

“ Fumaça (smoke) does what music does best: it moves people. It is a song that resonates with the universal feeling of nostalgia. Documenting the band's visit to Rio de Janeiro for their show at Circo Voador, the video translates the feeling of desire and nostalgia through the lens of an old camera. It is a tribute to the band and what they represent…” Excerpt from Rolling Stone Brazil

For the full article in Portuguese click here 

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